It’s the time of year where things are starting to grow like crazy and areas in the garden that need some attention are starting to demand it. As much a tall grass blowing gently in the wind , in the middle of a flower bed demands. A silent and quite graceful demanding. Weeds are emerging and the sooner we take care of this, the more time we can spend doing other things on the garden.

Mulching is a good place to start. Spring is a fantastic time to do this as we can cover for weeds as well as preserve the spring rain moisture in the soil. This layer will keep up to 80% more moisture in the soil than bare earth. Over the hot summer months, your plants will love this and so will your water tank.

The mulch layer also provides a sanctuary for our humble earthworms and other micro organisms to thrive. Soil life explodes when an organic layer is added to the surface of the soil.

Most importantly for some is the reduction in weed growth. I recommend using organic layers such as brown cardboard or coconut fibre covered with bark. This combination stops weeds, helps the soil life grow and over time adds humus to the soil. Plastic weed mat, in my experience, leaves soil in quite bad condition, fairly devoid of soil activity and compacted.

There are a range of bark mulches that can be used, from fresher and more quickly composted abour mulches, to different grades of bark, which being a denser material, takes a bit longer to break down. Depending on the look and purpose you are going for, they all have their place.

If you have any questions about mulching or would like a hand with organising this on you garden this spring, leave your comments below.

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