Field Grown Palm Trees

We have some of the finest Palms in the country ranging from the Pitt Island Nikau and Kentia through to Giant Livistona australis and covering most things in between. These palms have been grown in an uncrowded situation, in full sun, so no chance of sunburn or stretched fronds. All palms are dug out and handled by experts, so you can be sure your palms are going to transplant well and power into the next season.

Field Grown Pitt Island Nikau

Field grown Pitt Island Nikau. (Rhopalostylis Sapida "Chathamica") We have a range in sizes from 3m - 6m. These palms have been grown in coastal conditions, in full sun, with lots of space, this means they are not stretched and they are sun hardened. They will go from power to power in their new spot.

These are quicker growing than our mainland Nikau, have a more robust appearance, larger crown shaft and have a more tidy habit, even in windy areas.

These are a beautiful palm, full of character and sturdy grace. They look good at any size in the garden and are an asset to your project.

Livistona Australis. Large Grade. Field Grown.

Large Grade Livistona Australis. Striking palm at this size. Large fan shaped fronds, which at this size are self cleaning, keeping the trunk clean and clear. These palms look great planted as a single specimen, as a grand entrance, lining either side of a driveway or as street plantings in new subdivisions. They create an instant and impressive effect in any situation. How big do you want them? We have them up to 8m.

Field Grown Howea Forsteriana (Kentia)

Howea Forsteriana.

Healthy field grown Kentia. We have trunks over 1m available.

Stunning specimen palm for a special spot in the garden.

Can deliver.

Email us for wholesale rates and delivery prices.

Trachycarpus Fortunei. Singles, Doubles, Triples Available.

Trachycarpus Fortunei.

Hardy palm. Fan leaves. Variety of sizes available.