Blue Stone Blocks

Bluestone Kerb Stones

Recycled Kerb Stones – Auckland Basalt (Bluestone)

Recycled Kerb Stones. Auckland Bluestone. Cut by prisoners in the Mt Eden Prison in the early 20th century. These heritage stones have been lining our streets in Auckland for over a generation.


The blocks are 25cm – 45cm long, 15cm high and 20cm wide.


Price is $45 per lineal meter, this excludes GST.


We deliver throughout the Auckland area.


Contact us to discuss you requirements and the cost of delivery to your location.

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  2 comments for “Blue Stone Blocks

  1. Nick Charles
    October 13, 2016 at 9:50 pm


    I am interested in purchasing some basalt rock. I am able to pick up, where are you located and do you have a contact number?


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