Loren has been living and breathing plant life for as long as she can remember. Growing up among exotic plants and palms in a sub-tropical nursery has provided her with the innate ability to find beauty in all things, and to foresee the potential in all gardens. With a degree in art and design as well as nursery and landscape work, Loren has developed a practical, knowledgeable and creative set of skills, bringing a passion of design, plants and soil to her projects.

As the hands-on Managing Director of Naturescapes for the past 10 years she has used this time to develop and broaden her awareness of plants and their needs, continuing to educate herself wherever possible. As a result, she has acquired an extensive knowledge base, with a sustainable approach becoming a focal point in Loren’s work.

Coming from a background in native restoration, Zeb has been working with plants for over 10 years. He is passionate about our natural environment and our beautiful Waitakere Ranges. He has completed a permaculture design certificate and brings these principals to his work. A natural and fine tuned eye as well as a full circle approach, means Zeb can bring efficient and harmonious ideas and care to your projects.